Kessell Run route CertificateI completed my second Star Wars related virtual run this week, courtesy of Race the Distance. After receiving their BB8 medal, I promptly entered their other Star Wars themed runs.

The plot for this virtual run pits you against the Kessel Run from the Star Wars universe and challenges you to run it in under 12 parsecs. As the recommended race distance for the medal was 5km, I was pretty sure I could! [1 parsec is about 31 trillion km, give or take a few cm].

The Route

Kessell Run route

I fancied a change of scenery from Jesmond Dene where I normally run, so visited Saltwell Park in Gateshead for this challenge. The park is lovely and holds a park run every Saturday which circles the pond / lake / body of water. It’s also on a hill. My partner came with me and we criss-crossed our way around the park until we hit 5km. We even stumbled across some Tyneside Rocks, pebbles which have been painted and scattered around Newcastle for the summer.

Saltwell Park 4

The Statistics

Kessell Run
Organiser Race the Distance
Price £12.99
Distance 5.00km
Time Taken 00:36:54
Charity Various
Donation £2.50

The Medal

For completing this race, I got a small replica model of the Millennium Falcon, as well as a certificate. Admittedly, the certificate has spelt the Kessel Run with two ‘l’s, but maybe that’s for copyright reasons. Being picky, Jedis didn’t need an apostrophe in it either, however, the medal is pretty sweet. It has quite a bit of detail on it, including the raised antenna.


Fancy running this one? Then click here to head on over to ‘Race the Distance’ and check out the details.

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