Jurassic Jog

Jurassic Jog 1


When I saw this medal, I instantly fell in love with it; so I signed up and prepared to run the 10km required! The race was courtesy of myrace.run and it was described as a virtual race 65 million years in the making…. (I would have gone for 65 million yards, but I can’t resist a good pun).

The plot focuses around the extinction of the dinosaurs and begs the question as to why they died out. They summarise that it was because they got out of shape – it’s plausible! The nominated charity for this race was Bloodwise, the UK’s specialist blood cancer charity.

The Route


I decided to run somewhere other than the park for this one and so when for a jog along the river Tyne and into town. I crossed over the Millennium Bridge and the Swing Bridge and ended up at the Centre for Life where I happened (not by accident) to run into a Tyrannosaurus Rex…. poster. I completed 10.1km without too much trouble and the only hiccup I encountered was on my return when I had to wait for the Millennium Bridge to lower.

The Statistics

Jurassic Jog
Price £14.00
Distance 10.1km
Time Taken 01:08:49
Charity Bloodwise
Donation £5.00

The Medal

For completing this race I got a super heavy medal, a teabag and some jelly bears. The medal is the logo from Jurassic Park (one of my favourite films) and the T.Rex on it is wearing a sweatband! I love it, it’s great!


If you fancy running this one, it is available by clicking here from MyRace.run. As far as I can tell there is no time limit for this medal, so I imagine you can compete until they sell out of them.

Have you already run this race? How did you do? Let me know!

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