Virtual Finds #1 – October Races

Welcome to my first Virtual Finds, a weekly round up of what new races I have come across, any new virtual running sites and the latest offers they have to, er, offer. As this is my first one and I don’t know where to start, I thought I’d give a quick introduction into what I’d like to achieve with this blog.

Part of the reason I started this blog was to try and catalogue as many of the UK based virtual running websites and races as I could. This was mainly due to the fact that when I was trying to find any virtual running sites, all I could find were the top virtual running sites in America, which was no good to me!

After some extensive Googling, Twittering, Facebooking and a peak around Instagram and Pinterest, I managed to find eighteen UK based virtual running sites. I have collected them in a list which can be found from the menu at the top of the blog, or simply by clicking here.

I have used a few of these sites so far, including Race the Distance, POW! Virtual Running, My Race, Run and Reward and Virtual Runner UK. I’m eyeing up medals on some of the other sites too.

As we are nearly halfway through September, I have decided to jump to October and try and provide a list of all the races specifically being run in that month. As it is Hallowe’en in October, expect an array of ‘scary’ medals in which pumpkins and zombies seem to dominate…

Click on the Provider names to take you to the medal webpage.

Awesome Virtual Run – A 100 mile challenge throughout the month for a rather elaborate medal.

Go Virtual Runner – Plenty to be going at for the month of October, but no time restricted medals.

Medal Mad Teapot 5km, a 5km ‘I Can Outrun a Zombie’ challenge and a Chicago 26.2 Mile Challenge.

Medal Miles – A rotating pumpkin medal is available for Halloween.

My Race – Plenty to be going at for the month of October, but no time restricted medals.

POW! Virtual Running – A lot of medals spanning a few months. The ones in October include an Iron Man Fast Blast 10km, a ‘That Run was… Poop‘ medal of poop, DOTD series Joker, Harley Quinn and The Caped Crusader, a 10km Run from the Walkers zombie medal and a 5km Nightmare before Christmas medal.

Race at Your Pace – Nothing for October yet, but I imagine they will have a multiple mile challenge.

Race the Distance – Plenty to be going at for the month of October, but no time restricted medals.

Run and Reward – For a 10km Trick or Treat, you can get yourself a glow in the dark Halloween medal!

The Virtual Runner – The choice is yours as to what distance you run to get your hands on a Nightmare Before Running Jack Skellington medal.

Virtual Funning – Plenty to be going at for the month of October, but no time restricted medals.

Virtual Racing UK – 3 medals available in October, a 50km October Virtual Distance Cycle Challenge, an October Wizarding Wonder Virtual Fitness Distance Challenge; 9 and 3/4 km / miles however you see fit and a 5km October Prosecco Run.

Virtual Runner UK – A few time sensitive medals in October, a 5km Kidney Research medal to be completed between the 1st – 8th; a 10km Goose Fair Gallop to be completed between 8th – 15th October; an October 10 mile challenge from 9th – 15th and a Halloween Fun Run (any distance, fancy dress optional).

There’s more; a Go the Extra Mile medal, a 5km / 10km RMR Masquerade Ball, an Alice in Wonderland themed We’re All Mad Here challenge, a Run for Pride lion medal, an October Moo-ver medal for 10km, 1/2 marathon or full marathon, a Run From IT drain medal and finally, a Dog Jog medal!

Virtual Running Events – A 75km month challenge is available along with a Halloween Trick or Treat 5km.

Virtual Running UK – Plenty to be going at for the month of October, but no time restricted medals.

Virtual WarriorThe Jester is available if you complete 15km.

Women’s Running – Run two 5km to earn The Cocktail Run medal between the 2nd – 8th.

Zoom Virtual Races – There are two races available in October at Zoom, a Wicked 5km for a glow in the dark Wizard of Oz medal, and a 5km Trick or Trot for Halloween.

And that’s it for this month! If you would like to see the medals, I have linked them to my Pinterest page, just follow me @LAOverend on Pinterest, Twitter or Instagram.

Alternatively, you can follow me on my FaceBook page @virtualrunningwithliam

Have you already signed up for any of these races? Let me know!

Thanks for jogging by.